Ittify Self Serve Terms and Conditions

Ittify Self serve terms and conditions.

Our Community terms and conditions apply to customers that will be using the self serve platform. They provide general guidance on what is and what is not allowed on the platform. We also recognize that some content that would normally be removed per our guidelines could have value to the public. Therefore, we may allow exceptions under certain circumstances, as described in the section below.

We update our terms and conditions from time to time to evolve with community behavior, mitigate emerging risks, and keep Ittify a safe place for our influencers.

Approved Campaigns

We are generally pretty lenient on what we allow on our platform if we deem it appropriate.

Banned or Disallowed Campaigns

  1. Depiction of nudity/pornography.
  2. Gambling or money related games.
  3. Drug related campaigns.
  4. Political agendas.
  5. Inciting violence or hate speech.
  6. Campaigns with blatant racial discrimation.
  7. Multi-level-marketing products( MLM).
  8. Investment platforms are that not approved by Bank Negara.
  9. Any brands that are deemed illegal by the government.