3 Simple Ways for Brands to Engage with Gen Z


How does it feel to grow up with the internet at your fingertips? That’s something you got to ask Gen Z, the true digital natives. This generation (born between 1995 and 2010) makes up 26% of Malaysia’s population

While the rest of the world is still taking some time to fully embrace digital technologies, Gen Z never knew a world without it. This unique quality makes the way we communicate with them different compared to everyone else. Before brands dive headfirst into marketing strategies, let’s take some time to understand this tech-savvy generation. 

The oldest of Gen Z would be 25 this year and they are the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. They are heavy social media users, they have an attention span of 8 seconds, consume information in bite-sized pieces, 98% of them own a smartphone, use up to 10 hours of screen time daily and they prefer seeing real people in ads

We’re here to help break things down and look at ingenious ways to capture Gen Z’s attention. 

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Use multiple screens 

Gen Z embraces the second-screen lifestyle wholeheartedly.  95% of Gen Zers used another device while watching TV, particularly mobiles. 

They use their mobile to chat with friends, scroll through social media apps, play games, read the news and more! Brands must find a way to deliver the same message to Gen Z by using different devices and various social media platforms.

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Social Media is King 

A whopping 85% of Gen Z use Social Media to learn about new products. They form opinions based solely on what they see online. Once brands start focusing on using social media to sell their items, they can expect Gen Z to trail closely behind.

This generation isn’t shy about interacting with brands too. They have no qualms leaving reviews and comments. Furthermore, they are not afraid to purchase items online. This will be an advantage to brands. They can push their online sales and get immediate feedback!


Be Authentic

One thing this generation value is authenticity. Growing up in this digital era, Gen Z can be overwhelmed with information, and they want to see authentic and genuine content. 

Who should be delivering the content then? Over 63% of Gen Z prefers to see “real people” over major celebrities in ads. They want to communicate with people who look, talk and act like them. 

That’s where we come in. We want to help brands  find the right influencers to engage for their campaigns. With over 6,000 influencers from various tiers to choose from, ITTIFY promises a seamless process. 

Once brands have identified their goals, they can find all the details regarding the campaign on one page & updated in real-time. We want to make it hassle-free for brands. 

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